It's impossible to overstate the importance of a good grinder in the espresso making process; but perhaps if we say that 70% of a good coffee comes from the grinder, it will go some way towards explaining how important it is.

Why, we hear you ask. It's largely because espresso preparation is harsh; it's just about the harshest brewing method you can throw at a coffee bean and still produce something that tastes heavenly. Good espresso brewing uses over 9 bar of water pressure: that's more than 130 PSI of pressure extracting in 25 seconds. But in order to achieve this critical extraction time, the coffee must be freshly ground, but more than that, the particles must be of a precise size and volume to produce the very best result. And that can only be achieved with an excellent grinder.

To achieve the best result we recommend using a Mazzer grinder. It's widely accepted as the best on the market. Have a look at these independent reviews on and and then visit the mazzer site for further information and to find a distributor.
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